Dog Friendly Wedding Venue

dog_wedding-thumbMy intention was simple.  It was just to let everyone know that we are a dog-friendly wedding venue. We know that for many of you, your fur babies are part of your family and you would not think about having your union celebrated without them.  However, when looking for an image to add, I googled, “Dog Weddings.” To my surprise, what I pulled up was not dogs AT weddings, but dogs actually having a wedding ceremony.  Now, I’ m fairly certain that canine nuptials have not yet been legalized in the State of California, but if you would like your pooches to “Tie the Leash”, our staff at Paradise Gardens will welcome you with open arms and wagging tails. – PS.  If you are a wedding guest and would like to bring your dog with you to the wedding, please be courteous to check with the Betrothed Couple ahead of time for their consent.IMG_3451

Thank you to Jeanne Chapman, our August 24, 2010 bride, for sending in this photo in response to our post! AND for the wonderful comments that you posted below!


One thought on “Dog Friendly Wedding Venue

  1. I have an awesome photo of us at our wedding with our fur babies at your venue. If your interested, I would like to send you the photo, should I leave it on your facebook? We had a wonderful wedding at Paradise Gardens and we had hired a dog sitter to bring our fur babies to the venue and also dress them up in their brides doggy dress and groomsmen tuxedo, they looked wonderful! They were such good doggies at the wedding ceremony, and when it was done we took a few family photos, with them included of course, and the dog sitter took them home so they can rest while we partied on! It was one of the best weddings I’ve ever been to if I do say so myself 😀 My guests loved the ambience of the place and loved how everything was self contained so they didn’t have to drive all over the place to go from the ceremony to the party . . . I wish I could get married again just so I can have a party there again!! Love you guys!
    Thanks for everything you did!
    Jeanne Chapman
    married in Paradise Gardens August 24, 2010

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