Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is the day when all of us lovebirds celebrate our commitment to each other and as such, it is the most popular day for engagements!  So you can bet, right now, there are bunch of soon-to-be betrothed walking around with a ring burning a hole in their pockets.  Fear not young lovers, just remember that this is the moment that will be repeated in stories over and over again.  No pressure, but your kids will tell their kids how their parents were engaged.  However, you don’t need a flash mob, skywriting, fireworks, stadium message boards or freeway billboards to have a memorable moment.  You don’t need to go over the top.  Just find a special quiet moment to say what’s in your heart.  If you need some inspiration, turn to the classics like this one from e.e. cummings.

I carry your heartSo Good Luck to all and I will be talking to you soon!

Picnic Wedding

Picnic WeddingIt’s part of my job to watch current trends and keep my clients updated on the newest thing.  Everything I’m reading about 2013 and the future of weddings is the trend of the “unwedding”.  These are weddings that don’t necessarily follow the traditional timeline or customs.  With the current economic climate, DIY weddings continue to be all the rage so I expect to continue seeing more handcrafted personal touches on receptions.  One picture I came across while on Pinterest is the Picnic Wedding and I kinda like it.  The idea of families spread across the lawn with their own picnic basket full of goodies harkens back to the 4th of July picnics of my youth. Sure it was a man-made lake in the suburbs of Orange County, CA, but it was family and community at its best.  So as I tell all of my clients, remember who you are and your wedding should ultimately reflect that. Take these moments at the very beginning of your planning and write down what is most important to you.  As you become influenced by family, friends and all of the wedding media out there, it’s easy to forget. Don’t you think Paradise Gardens would make the perfect location for Picnic Wedding?