Oceanside Weddings on the Beach or Paradise Gardens?

When dreaming about a fall wedding in October, one dreams about the clear crisp autumn air and bright blue skies.  Being a wedding venue in the Beach City of Oceanside, we’re often asked how close we are to the beach for those seeking out a beach wedding.  I personally think that they’re asking the wrong question.  The question should be, “How far away are you from the beach?” Being born and raised in coastal Southern California, I can share a little secret with you.  The coastline is often plagued with heavy traffic and a heavy marine layer.  What is a marine layer you ask?  It’s dense clouds/fog that hangs right on the shore that will sometimes burn off in the afternoons, but not always.  We locals refer to this as “May Gray” or “June Gloom”.  Well, this last week of October, the coast has been blanketed with the stuff once again so I on my way into Paradise Gardens, I ran down to Harbor Beach to snap this photo of the pier.

Oceanside Pier

Then when I arrived at Paradise Gardens (10 miles east), I snapped this photo:


I’m not suggested that the beach is always gloomy.  If you’re going to have a beach wedding, it’s going to because that has always been your dream and you know the weather risk.  However, based on my unscientific observation, we have more sunny days and sparkly starlit nights at Paradise Gardens than our coastal compadres. Come check us out for yourself!

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